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Regional Ministers 

New for 2024 is a focused effort to provide more networking support to our churches through our part-time Associate Regional Ministers. These ARMs will look for ways to serve the churches under their care, network the congregations for more significant impact, and highlight resources and opportunities that ABC-MI provides that can expand our churches' impact on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Rev. McCalister is serving as our lead Consultant for Transitioning Ministries.  She has extensive experience in encouraging and equipping congregations as they welcome their next pastoral leader.  Her acumen in finances, church conflict, spiritual discernment aid congregations in emerging healthier during this transitional period.  In this role, she will assist pastoral search committees to organize their work and provide profiles for their consideration; and secure transitional pastors for congregations with whom she is consulting.  Finally, she is a world-renowned preacher, teacher, scholar, and servant leader who loves Jesus Christ.

Nikita serves our churches that comprise the Metro Detroit Association. Additionally, she will oversee the transitional ministries when a pastor and or church are looking for both interim and permanent pastoral placements. Nikita will also continue to lead MLGs, providing space for clergy to gather together for encouragement and collegiality.

Rev. Nikita McCalister

Consultant for Transitioning Ministries -

Associate Regional Minister -

Metro Detroit

A native of Leslie Michigan, Rev. Dr. Tom Webber attended Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. Upon graduation, he married the former Karen Millard and after 44 years of marriage, they have two children and three grandchildren. His post-graduate degrees include two master’s and an earned doctorate. Additionally, military training was completed at the Air War College (Joint Professional Military Education) and U.S. Naval Academy (Ethics Fellow at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership). After his 25-year career as a Navy Chaplain, he has directed a marriage ministry to injured veterans and their spouses, been a seminary dean, and a university church relations director. 


Tom serves our churches on the state's western side. On top of that, he will oversee the Ministry Leadership Groups and lead an MLG. Tom will provide coaching for churches and pastors who are seeking more significant levels of impact.

Rev. Dr. Tom Webber

MLG Leader -

Associate Regional Minister -

West Area


Rev. Ed Owens served as pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church of Lansing Michigan for 34 years. He began his ministry after completing degrees at Michigan State University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served a church in Kentucky and Virginia before returning to his home church in Lansing. Additionally, he had the privilege of serving 18 years as a chaplain for the Lansing Police Department. He has served in various roles in ABC-MI life and leadership of The Holy Spirit Renewal Ministry. He currently leads the Renewal School of Ministry, an online school for lay leaders and pastors. His family includes his wife, Sherry, four children, and eleven grandchildren.


Ed is passionate about pursuing spiritual renewal both personally and for churches. He loves teaching and preaching the Word of God. He is also enthusiastic about taking week-long tours on his recumbent trike. Ed enjoys developing relationships with pastors and churches of the Central Area and doing various other roles within our Region. 

Ed serves our churches in the state's central area. He will also oversee the various programs and teams that make up ABC-MI.His work in these areas will increase our effectiveness at serving the members of the congregations that make up ABC-MI. Ed will be leading an MLG as well.

Rev. Ed Owens

Program Support -

Associate Regional Minister -

Central Area

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