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About us

Building momentum for the Kingdom of God through new churches and renewed churches on mission with Jesus Christ. 


Trees and Mountains
More than 180 years ago, a group of Christ-followers came to Michigan with a calling to build and equip the church.  And today, the work they began continues in new and exciting ways.


We are American Baptist Churches of Michigan: a family of churches committed to a common purpose. We exist to help God’s Kingdom come in local communities throughout our state. We support our family by caring for pastors, identifying and training leaders, and by guiding churches in times of transition. We are urban. We are rural. We are everything in between.

We are free. We join together because we want to, not because we have to. The things we hold in common help us celebrate the things we see differently. We are inspired and informed by a history of justice and diversity. While our roots keep us grounded, they don’t prevent us from breaking out in new ways. We are citizens of an ever‐changing world. We strive to be a constant to churches navigating the sea of change. We don’t fear tough questions and we admit we don’t have all the answers. Still, we keep seeking. We keep moving ahead.

We are Baptist. We may surprise you because we’re a different kind of Baptist. We’re on a mission. We believe God intends to rescue the world and we won’t miss the chance to be part of the story, having been rescued ourselves. We are active. We’re on the field, not watching from the sidelines.


We are building momentum for the Kingdom of God through new churches and renewed churches on mission with Jesus Christ.


understanding OUR KEY Impact

For Pastors

We assist with recruitment; placement; leadership development and training; and we give pastoral care/support. We share access to our consultants who complement local church teams with their expertise.


For Leaders: 

We provide training; organize and fund mission opportunities; and help individuals prepare for ordination.


For Churches:

We support your church by supporting your pastor and leadership through strategic resourcing that is proactive, while simultaneously responding to churches in times of crisis. 


For Partner Organizations:

We promote collaboration; help advance the mission of groups like camping ministries and Friendship House; and provide connections to ABC within the region and across the nation.


The Church was Made for Mission
We are actively involved in God’s work to redeem the world.

Leadership Matters
Christ‐like leaders ensure the church is effective in fulfilling its mission.

Measure Growth with More than Numbers
The fruit of ministry is shown in ways more significant than numerical increase alone.

Diversity Adds Depth
We can celebrate our differences because of what we share in common.

We Are Unified and Free
We are guided by the same Spirit and retain broad freedoms of practice.


The American Baptist Churches of Michigan region office is located at 4578 South Hagadorn Road, East Lansing, Michigan. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, call 800.632.2953. Fax: 517.332.3186.

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