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Ministry Leadership Groups

Peer Group Leaders

Serving Ministry Leadership Groups

Peer Group Leaders are ABC-MI contracted consultants working with a Ministry Leadership Group (MLG) comprised of four to eight pastors. These Peer Leaders schedule and lead regular gatherings of their group; connect with each individual pastor on a regular basis; visit annually in each pastors church; and are available to provide support to the pastors in their group as needed. 

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Korderro Brown

John MLG.png

Pastor John Harris

Olivet Baptist Church, Lansing

Picture 1.png

Rev. Karen Henderlong

Markey Baptist Church

Danny MLG.png

Rev. Danny Langley
Crosspointe Meadows Church, Novi


Rev. Jabulani McCalister 
Covenant Baptist Church, West Bloomfield

Steve MLG.png

Pastor Steve Malson
Alpha Baptist, Livonia

Nikita McCalister Headshot 2021 Transitional Ministries Consultant.png

Rev. Nikita McCalister
Consultant for Transitioning Ministries

Adam MLG.png

Rev. Adam Metzger
Mason Community Church, Mason

William MLG.png

Rev. William Wyne
Second Missionary Baptist,

Battle Creek

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