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Church Consultants 

Bill Beachy Profile.jpg

Dr. Beachy serves as the Consultant to our Peer Group Leaders. He believes Christian leaders must have a clear understanding of who they are in relationship to God (along with their individual strengths, gifts, and talents) and must learn to care for their own souls. When one begins to understand the work of God in one’s own life, only then can that person effectively serve, teach, lead, guide, mentor, and counsel those in their care. He is currently on staff at Ashland Theological Seminary. 

Dr. Bill Beachy

Contract Consultant to our

Peer Group Leaders 

Rev. Case retired from pastoral ministry after serving the Ganges, Fennville congregation for 27 years. His father, Delmar Case, also served as a pastor in our Region. Combined, the Case family has blessed our region with leadership for more than fifty-five years! At his retirement, he made it clear to Dr. Williams of his desire to be an encourager to churches and pastors. To that end, he has contracted with the ABC-MI to visit congregations to strengthen the “associational principle” and extend care to churches and pastors.

Tom Case.jpg
Rev. Tom Case
Consultant to Churches

Rev. Dallas Flippin helps churches think through issues of technology so they can more effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. He provides assistance to the region, churches, and pastors through the use of guides, webinars, and other forms of support.

Rev. Dallas Flippin
Contract Consultant for Technology

Rev. Dr. Lucas provides assistance to congregations in transition. He has had extensive training in conflict management and mediation and has guided numerous churches through a process of redemptive conflict that can lead to healing. He currently serves as the transitional pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church in Battle Creek, MI.

Ross Lucas Profile.jpg
Rev. Dr. Ross Lucas
Contract Consultant for Conflict Transformation

Rev. McCalister is serving as our lead Consultant for Transitioning Ministries.  She has extensive experience in encouraging and equipping congregations as they welcome their next pastoral leader.  Her acumen in finances, church conflict, spiritual discernment aid congregations in emerging healthier during this transitional period.  In this role, she will assist pastoral search committees to organize their work and provide profiles for their consideration; and secure transitional pastors for congregations with whom she is consulting.  Finally, she is a world-renowned preacher, teacher, scholar, and servant leader who loves Jesus Christ.

Nikita McCalister Headshot 2021 Transitional Ministries Consultant.png
Rev. Nikita McCalister

Consultant for Transitioning Ministries

Mrs. Punnett began organizing teams to Haiti in 2011 and has coordinated at least one team each year since then. She began serving as our Region Consultant for short-term missions soon after, in April of 2013. In her professional life, after 23 years in the newspaper publishing industry Mrs. Punnett redirected her energy to non-profit, affordable housing where she continues to advocate for low-income individuals. She has been a member of First Baptist Church in Ypsilanti for more than 30 years and currently serves as an Elder there. She is available to work with individuals and congregations interested in any short-term mission experiences, especially Haiti.

Punnett L  Profile Picture.jpg
Lynne Punnett 

Consultant for Region Mission Teams

NewBill Walker.jpg

Rev. Bill Walker serves as a Good Will Ambassador on behalf of the Region.  In this role, he visits a couple of congregations per month on behalf of the ABC-MI Region family. These visits affirm the local pastor and congregation's ministry and are a reminder of our work together in missions. 

Rev. Bill Walker
Consultant for Urban Ministries

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