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More than 180 years ago, a group of Christ-followers came to Michigan with a calling to build and equip the church.  And today, the work they began continues in new and exciting ways.

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Does your church want to build Dome Cover?


Creation of 60% Shade Cloth Dome Covers for Rick and Anita’s work in South Africa


Dear Michigan friends,

After introducing last weekend in DeWitt, Anita and I would like to engage people who would like to make covers for our tree nursery and meeting domes in South Africa. This activity will take place at your home or church. We need two (2) hours of time with at least four (4) people who like to quilt or sew and who would consider making covers for us. Materials will be supplied at the session. All the host needs are two or more large tables for a work surface. If there is already a space set up for quilting and an interested group, we will make further progress. Our intention is that when people see what is needed, they will consider the logistics  and make us one or two of these each year. That saves us about 16 hours of work for each cover created. Potential Dates are July 10-14, July 31st-August 2nd, October 10-12th, and October 16th-17th. Please contact me directly by email to get on the schedule. I will send you video links to learn more before our session. 


Each of these covers will shade a tree nursery for about fifteen years. These domes are large enough to house about 100 x 3-4 foot tall tree grafts for the maturation stage of their root system which takes from one to three months. After this, these trees are ready for sale or permanent planting.  These domes have the capacity to shade thousands of tree grafts over their effective lifetimes. This creates livelihood, nutrition, pleasant shade around people’s homes and an improved quality of life for all involved. 

After your session we will supply you with a starter kit to make your first cover. We will stay in touch as you proceed. We will return finished covers to South Africa in our luggage or have mission groups carry in future. Covers will be mailed to US address as first step. 



Rick Gutierrez 269-360-1977  

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We are American Baptist Churches of Michigan: a family of churches committed to a common purpose. We exist to help God’s Kingdom come in local communities throughout our state. We support our family by caring for pastors, identifying and training leaders, and by guiding churches in times of transition. We are urban. We are rural. We are everything in between.

We are free. 


The American Baptist Churches of Michigan have a rich heritage and history. Read more as we highlight some of the fascinating history and journey of the ABC-MI through the decades.




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