Ministry Leadership Groups


Ministry Leadership Groups are committed communities of learning for the purpose of:

- Stimulating minds (Mind)

- Enhancing health (Strength)

- Nurturing relationships (Heart)

- Deepening spirituality (Soul)

Based on the Biblical model of Jesus' own life of balance, as well as his citing the first and greatest commandment being to 'love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength,' Ministry Leadership Groups (MLGs) are a place where pastors prayerfully seek balance, congruency, and integration in their lives and ministry.

Ministry Leadership Groups are composed of a Peer Group Leader and 3-8 fulltime pastors who are currently active in ministry. They will meet for 24 hours over the course of a year on a schedule determined by each respective group, and will run on a 2 year cycle.

Each group addresses and engages each of the four dimensions of heart, soul, mind, and strength as it seeks to promote personal growth and professional development, renewing pastors and revitalizing their ministries.

Heart--Emotional Development: building intentional, authentic relationships between God, yourself, and others.

Soul--Spiritual Development: exploring practices that deepen your relationship with the triune God--Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

Mind--Mental Development: developing a lifelong learning plan.

Strength--Physical Development: implementing strategies for self care.