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Our Annual Gathering theme is centered around the idea that we are called by God to go and be his ambassadors. This year we want to give our region churches a unique opportunity to send out their congregations to share the message of love by serving local communities. Churches will be receiving more information in the coming weeks. It is up to our churches to choose whether or not they will participate. For those churches who choose to participate, they will be walking their congregations through the procedure as we will be guiding them.

What Now?




Each Church will be assigned a Point Person who will organize your churches Send Me Saturday Event. 

This could be a current initiative or a new ministry event specifically for Send Me Saturday



Encourage volunteering among your community. The more volunteers we have, the more impact we can have on our communities.


Point Person will fill out an order form for their church and send it in with a check payable to ABC-MI


or may pay using (Make sure to select "To: GF-Send Me Saturday!" Account)




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