Send Me Saturday
october 30, 2021

Your church. Your mission. together.

Send Me Saturday is centered around the idea that we are called by God to go and be his ambassadors. Each year we are giving our region churches the opportunity to send out their congregations to share the message of love by serving local communities. Churches will be receiving more information in the coming weeks. It is up to our churches to choose whether or not they will participate. For those churches who choose to participate, they will be walking their congregations through the procedure as we will be guiding them.

Preparation checklist for Send Me Saturday: 

Step 1. Identify your point person.

  • Each church will designate a coordinator and event leader.  


Step 2. Identify your ministry initiative.

  • Your church will be doing it's own unique service project.

Step 3. Recruit volunteers.

  • Invite your friends, family, and coworkers to join you in serving your community.

Step 4. Order t-shirts.

  • Each church will be sending in one combined order form to the region for its entire group of volunteers.

Step 5. Go!

  • You are ready to join your church Saturday, October 30th for Send Me Saturday!

October 30, 2021
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Your Church.
Your Mission.

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Church Resources

Each church will be sending in one combined order for its whole congregation.

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Get ideas of different service projects your church can do.


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