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Looking Forward to what God has in store for YOU at this years clergy retreat!

2023 clergy retreat
May 7-9, 2023

This year’s Clergy Retreat hopes to bring together our pastors and ministers from across the state for a time of refreshing, opportunities for fellowship, and powerful teaching that will equip each one of us to lean more fully into God’s redemptive mission for the world.  Whether you have regularly attended this event or this might be your first one, I hope you’ll be able to make it this year.  Let’s face it, after all we’ve been through, we need some time together!  This years retreat will be held at the St. Francis Retreat Center.  703 E Main St, Dewitt, MI 48820


Creating a culture of Multiplying disciples in your Congregation

"Dr. J.R. Briggs possesses four passions: Following Jesus, equipping and investing in hungry kingdom leaders, growing fruit on other people’s trees, and creating good kingdom mischief. In short, his calling is to help hungry leaders who want to grow healthier and get better."

What do you see as the biggest challenge to effective discipleship in the American church?

"As I coach and mentor pastors all over the country, I frequently see and hear five main challenges to discipleship in the American church: (1) the seductive pull of consumerism; (2) the enormous amount of distraction, particularly with technology; (3) a lack of a clear and robust theology of suffering; (4) the belief in the lie that the American dream is the most fulfilling and satisfying expression of true life; and (5) an unwillingness on the part of pastors to make the sacrifices necessary to see people discipled into the Way of Jesus—even if it means losing or leaving their ministry positions." JR Briggs

How can the church redemptively engage the culture while remaining faithful to its discipleship mission?

"Followers of Jesus must learn to “double major” in both courage and wisdom. People often lean toward being courageous and yet they often lack wisdom; or, they possess wisdom, but exhibit very little courage. Wisdom without courage is riskless. Courage without wisdom is reckless. But wisdom and courage together is priceless. This should shape the nature and essence of our prayers.
More specifically, we must learn to value the power of questions. By doing so, it will cultivate the passion for and ability to ask significant and incisive questions. We often study Jesus’ life, teachings, miracles and parables, but we have largely ignored studying his questions. Redemptive cultural engagement will not come through offering the world more answers, but in showing value, worth, humility and hope through the right questions being asked at the right time for the right reason. Yes, Jesus is the answer; but he is the culmination of our questions, as well." JR Briggs

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