2022 clergy retreat
May1-3, 2022

This year’s Clergy Retreat hopes to bring together our pastors and ministers from across the state for a time of refreshing, opportunities for fellowship, and powerful teaching that will equip each one of us to lean more fully into God’s redemptive mission for the world.  Whether you have regularly attended this event or this might be your first one, I hope you’ll be able to make it this year.  Let’s face it, after all we’ve been through, we need some time together!  This years retreat will be held at the St. Francis Retreat Center.  703 E Main St, Dewitt, MI 48820

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Joel Zaborowski is President of Ancient Path-Disciple-Making and pastor of Freedom Bible Church in north-central Ohio. He has served as a pastor for more than 32 years, including two church plants, and as Director of Leader Development and Coaching for Sonlife Ministries.

He loves training and coaching a diverse group of pastors and leaders to implement Jesus’ strategy for becoming disciple-makers and building disciple-making ministries.


Guest Speaker: Joel Zoborowski

“How did the message of the gospel saturate the entire ancient world in less than 30 years without cars, the Internet or smartphones? It spread from person to person as early Christians obeyed Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples.” These believ- ers followed the disciple-making method and model of Jesus, the Master Teacher. As they did, others came to know Him, not just about Him! And they in turn became Christians who discipled

others, multiplying a movement. (Sonlife.com)

Jesus' Disciple-Making Process

Jesus knew the people He encountered were at different stages of growth and development, and He intentionally challenged them to move the next level:










Sonlife’s disciple-making resources help you understand how to apply Jesus’ process to your own ministry, whether you’re a part-time volunteer doing one-on-one disciple-making, a youth pastor leading student groups, a bi-vocational church-planter growing a new ministry, or a full-time minister leading in an established church. (sonlife.com)

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