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Ashland Theological Seminary offers “Certificate in Christian Ministries”

Ashland Theological Seminary offers a “Certificate in Christian Ministries”, which seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the role and ministry of a pastor. 


The Rev. Dr. William Beachy, Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership & Spiritual Formation, as well as Associate Director of Certificate Programs, has reached out to the ABC-MI to explore the possibility of forming a cohort  in the Lansing area that would bring 8-10 students together to pursue a “Certificate in Christian Ministries. Students participating in this cohort would be asked to commit to all five courses comprising the “Certificate in Christian Ministries,” at a cost of $378 per course. 


If you have an interest in this opportunity, please reach out to Dr. Beachy at: 248-559-1400 extension 31 or wbeachy2@ashland.edu or visit https://seminary.ashland.edu/programs/certificate-programs/certificate-in-christian-ministries.