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Greetings to you in this new year.   I pray that 2023 is full of powerful demonstrations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ permeating the hearts of everyone in your congregation and the community at large.   As we move into this new year, we thought it would be helpful to minimize the number of mailings you receive from us, because after all, who enjoys excessive mail that requires something of us?  

   Below are three different documents that can be filled out in just a matter of a few moments of your time.  These documents are critical pieces of information that ensure that the Region Office can not only serve you well but that your congregation and your pastor are entitled to every resource and opportunity afforded to you by virtue of being an ABC-MI congregation.  

    Let me briefly touch on each of these to know the “why” behind the “what”….


  1. Church Annual Report – This document helps ensure that we have the correct information for those serving in leadership.  At times emergencies arise, and reaching a pastor or church leader becomes urgent.  Having that information helps us serve a pastor or church leader in a vulnerable moment.  Also, we know that the shifting landscape means that new staff and leaders arrive, and some depart.  Having good contact information better enables us to do that to best serve our churches.  At the same time, the other pieces of information allow us to determine better what each congregation’s delegate allotment is,  verify that every mission dollar given is accounted for, and observe trends that might help shape ways in which we can serve and support our congregations.

  2. Professional Registry – For every professional church leader, filling this document out ensures that you are recognized through ABC-MI and throughout the wider ABC-USA family.  Several grants and scholarships are available through our denomination, but the requirement is often that a pastor or church leader be listed in the professional registry.  For every professional church leader who has undertaken a process of being licensed or ordained, we want to recognize that and honor that through our professional registry.  

  3. Church Delegate Form -- (This will be due in September this year) *This only applies if your congregation gave mission dollars in 2022*  As a participating church in our mission work together, your congregation is eligible to have delegates represent your church at our annual gathering.  At the heart of who we are as a region of churches, the local church guides and directs us forward in our mission to impact people for Jesus Christ.  Take time now to assign your delegates in anticipation of our Annual Gathering, which will occur in October.  


With these three forms completed, we’ll have everything we need to help serve and support your congregation in this new year.  We exist to serve you and help your congregation reach its redemptive potential.  If we can serve you somehow, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



        Rev. Brian Johnson

Click on the circle above to fill
out the form online or below for a PDF Form
Click on the circle above to fill
out the form online or below for a PDF Form
Click on the circle above to fill
out the form online or below for a PDF Form
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