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2017 Region Offering

More than 180 years ago, a group of Christians came to Michigan to build and equip the church.  This work continues to this day in new and exciting ways.  This will be our 10th year to promote and receive the Region Offering to continue the work that was started so many years ago and is still going on within the American Baptist Churches of Michigan (ABC-MI) today. 

This offering is critical for underwriting the 2017 Region budget our church delegates approved during the 2016 ABC-MI Annual Meeting.  It is utilized in the following ways:

To help promote the Region Offering there is a poster to hang in a prominent location, three different bulletin inserts, and an offering envelope.  Take a look at the bulletin inserts!  They are available to download for your use - or we can ship whatever number of inserts you request (please allow at least one week prior to the time you need them for us to ship them to you).

 2017 bulletin inserts (click on the title to download):

A packet of materials has been sent to each ABC-MI church. Enclosed you will find: (1) a sample of the promotional poster; (2) a copy of each of the three bulletin inserts; (3) a sample offering envelope; and (4) a response card to use to request quantities of these items, which will be immediately shipped to you.

Since we invite churches to receive the Region Offering at any time during the year, the promotional materials are available to order at any time. An order may be placed in a number of ways: (1) use the response card; (2) order on-line by clicking on the Region Offering logo on the left side of the page; (3) call Debbie Hart at the Region office (800.632.2953 ext. 221); (4) email Debbie Hart (dhart@abc-mi.org). Use of the bulletin inserts doesn't require participation in the Region offering, though we hope you will consider doing so. 

Thank you for your support of our ABC-MI ministries and life together!